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Rayies Global Solutions has a reputation in delivering the tailor-made solution on Chatbots. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots is the trending technology used for business purpose, a Chatbot is a text and voice-based interface that runs on powerful Artificial Intelligence technologies and allows the end user to interact with it in order to get information.

  • It can able to interact with customers in a natural and friendly manner.
  • Easy to interact using simple user interface.
  • Interactions are also possible through social media platforms like Facebook chat through API.
  • It has the capability to respond quickly and handling multiple customers at a time.
  • It can empathise the customer by providing solutions.

Chatbots has created a new platform to engage and reach the customers in the form of conversational commerce. AI Chatbots are having a very bright future in all aspects by 2020, 85% of all client connections will be taken care of without a human operator.

Chatbots are right now observed on sites, social stages and cell phones and are used as simple and fun approaches to help clients in their cooperation’s with a brand. The most innovative feature of the chatbots technology is that they learn from the past interactions and answerback accordingly to the customer interaction.

Chatbots works in two ways

  • Rule-based
  • Smart machine based


It will provide qualified responses from a database, based on the keywords It will crawl and search accordingly.

Smart machine based

It inherits its capabilities from Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing and changes their behaviour based on the customer interactions.

This new generation of customers expects spontaneous and flawless customer experience from the brands they engage with. They demand real-time response to their queries and expect more personalized suggestions from the brand. Nowadays, to increase the leads and to reach the brand to the customers or clients, Many brands have started to focus on chatbots to stand up among the competitors in the business world, Rayies Global Solution being a AI company in Bangalore is happy to serve client requirements. It engages and empathizes their customers at a right place, right time and with the right information in a cost-efficient way. It builds the trust and empathy to the customers.