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Virtual Chatbot Assistant

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human and enacts as a virtual marketer. Fundamentally, the chatbot inherits the feature of Artificial Intelligence to perform a wide variety of activities. Though chatbots exist before some decades, businesses have started them to deploy since recently. Planning to have virtual assistant chatbot? Without any second thought, you can walk into Rayies Global Solutions, AI company in Bangalore for customized AI Chatbots. We promise to make businesses interaction intellectual, automated, and easy.

It is the responsibility of the business to solve the queries and glitches of customers, businesses cannot appoint a person who can respond to queries 24*7. In order to ease this job Chatbots are used efficiently. Chatbots receives spoken language and written text and interpret its meaning to perform further actions. AI-based chatbots can answer even vague questions and learn from their prior question and answers session.

Why does your business require AI Chatbots?

  • Chatbots helps to resolve customer queries and grieves immediately, without taking any break and improves customer satisfaction.
  • According to the study it is found that a human cannot focus on multitasking, chatbots on another side can concurrently have conversations with thousands of people thus increases productivity.
  • A single chatbot has the ability to work what 10 customer support employees do. Therefore, business owner rather than hiring a lot of employees can deploy chatbot to cut down the employment cost.
  • Human interacts with a customer based on their emotions and mood this might dissatisfy customers and create a bad impression on business. Whereas chatbots react to customers in the way it is programmed and ends up with satisfying the customers.

How does Chatbots work?

  • Most of the websites are now occupied with chatbots, to help clients for clearing their doubts regarding the service or product. Chatbots works in two ways, they are Rule-based and Smart machine based
  • Rule-based- Chatbots provide trained responses by fetching information from the database based on the keywords.
  • Smart machine based- Chatbots uses Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive computing to answer unexpected questions of the customers.
  • Rayies Global Solutions being a top-notch AI company in Bangalore is happy to serve customized AI Chatbots for customers.

Why Rayies?

Our company encompasses experienced people who can deliver machine-learning based products. Rayies Global Solutions Pvt Ltd Company has been leading in transforming the approach of communication between customers and companies.

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published on 2018-09-20 19:11:08