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Farm Automation

The applications of IoT is not limited to ease the activities of sophisticated people but also favors the farmers in numerous ways. Automation in Agriculture enables farmers to grow efficiently thus increase productivity.

What is Smart Farming?

Smart Farming or Automated Farming is an IoT based cultivation that encompasses modern technology to replace traditional practices with advanced practices. The IoT technology inspires to perform activities automatically and therefore permits farmers to monitor the needs of the farming field to cultivate proficiently.

Automated Farming System allows farmers to take a mature decision and support better resource management with minimal wastage.

The following are the services provided under Agriculture Automation

1. Remote crop monitoring

The process efforts to monitor parameters associated with crop cultivation such as the health of the soil, temperature, moisture level, climatic conditions, etc.

2. Remote farm field monitoring

A farmer can get a notification if it seems an unfavorable condition is approaching their farming field. Thus, Automation in Agriculture favors growers to monitor the field through the mobile app.

3. Remote monitoring of livestock

Automated Farming enables farmers to monitor the health of their cattle. It is noticed that farmers lose huge capital due to the illness of their livestock, hopefully, this process eradicates the problem.

4. Cultivation precession based on the sensor

Precession farming in Automated Farming Systems are the key element for successful farming, the process enables to improve productivity.

5. Smart irrigation

Automation in Agriculture Field provides smart irrigation, which waters your farming field wisely and runs water to the field in the scheduled time or can be monitored from remote places using smartphones.

6. Smart sprinkler

The sensor of Automated Farming embedded in the smart sprinkler collects the condition of soil to know how fast the water gets evaporate based on which sprinkler works.

Unlike before farmers need not worry about the climatic conditions, the IoT technology through GPS and weather forecasting feature provide the complete details to farmers. After analyzing the information from the sensors of IoT, farmers will decide what to crop for the current climatic condition to yield more. The Automation in Agriculture Field influence farmers to have greater insight about farming.

A modern farmer chooses to adopt IoT automation to optimize the production process. The enactment of IoT in the agriculture field is just a beginning, it grasps a greater potential in the future. For Automation in Agriculture services please step into Rayies Global Solutions, Bangalore.

Smart Farming

published on 2018-12-14 13:57:37