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HR Consultancy and Recruitment Agencies in Bangalore

We take pride in being the Best Recruitment Agency in Bangalore our team of HR recruiters is highly educated and experienced and to bring corporate professionalism to the Recruitment industry, and to develop a team of high-quality recruitment professionals.

Permanent Recruitment

Rayies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. focuses on being a “hunter” for quality recruitment process rather than just “manage” to complete targets. Our recruiters focus on your permanent and long-term recruitment needs, match the best candidates to fill positions that are critical to you, and provide a systematic end-to-end approach of onboarding them. The recruiters are trained thoroughly to work with you continuously during the entire process, to ensure a seamless process of placement. We offer our clients an extensive scope of service offerings, with the option of identifying the best-suited workforce solution.

Temporary Staffing

With expertise spanning a vast area of industries, and understanding their staffing needs, Rayies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is your partner when you need resources but without the long-term commitment. An obvious advantage of using temps is their flexibility. You can bring them in with little lead time, then stop using them right away as your need for extra workers subsides. Here are some other positives

Relieves your existing staff from being over-burdened and burned out. Temps can be brought in to do specialized work your existing staff may not be qualified (or willing) to do. This enables you to meet project deadlines and handle extraordinary business demands, thereby increasing your bottom line. Since the staffing agency is the actual employer, you don’t necessarily have to increase headcount in order to employ more workers on occasions. If you are impressed with the temp’s performance, there may be an opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis (this is an arrangement you would have to negotiate with the agency that represents them).

Regulatory Compliance

Your business goals are your core areas which you focus on. Dealing with statutory, and labor law compliance requirements should not have to come in your way of achieving those goals. We are equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for your labor law compliance that are designed to manage large scale and diverse requirements. With an expert team in place with the ability to negotiate and liaison with the regulatory authorities, we have all the requisite assistance under one roof to serve your needs better.

Statutory & Compliance activities

Compensation updates: Paramount Global will update on any amendments or changes in the salary components and payroll processing by Indian statutory and taxation laws. Issuance of Form 16: Paramount Global takes care of this important activity as part of its service offering. Year-End Investment Proof collection & verification: Paramount Global ensures that all requirements for preparation of Form 16 are complete and valid.

Verification and submission of the filled-up Nomination forms, Transfer forms, and Withdrawal forms received from employees to RPFC. Preparation and filing of challans for Provident Fund and Professional tax purposes. Assistance during PF inspections and Audits. Renewal of certificates required under various statuettes like Shops & Establishment Act. Regular Statutory Updates / Industry Reports / Whitepapers Filing of all quarterly/annual returns for the employer with regard to withholding taxes for payroll: We take the pressure off internal resources to track and submit returns for various tax purposes.Regulatory and statutory compliances related to payroll: Rayies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. all sectors and can handle the regulatory and statutory compliances for Provident Fund, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other deductions as applicable to your particular industry. Verification and submission of RPFC Related Forms: Verification and submission of the filled up Nomination forms, Transfer forms, and Withdrawal forms, received from employees to RPFC.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Management is an extremely tedious and process-based function that requires an investment of resources comprising of both people and capital. Being the best Recruitment Agency and HR Consultancy in Bangalore we are equipped with the latest payroll systems to manage payrolls, and specialists who understand the challenges of managing payrolls of both large as well as mid-size organizations.

Payroll and Employee Services processing

Payroll Portal for Employees: Employees can view and print salary slip, record and submit tax-related documents and declarations, timesheet details, and recording and updating personal details. Employee Leave and Absence Record: Approved and unapproved leaves, medical leave etc recorded and available to access for records. Reimbursement Management MIS Maintenance and report generationQuery ManagementManaging Payroll Compliances Rayies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with world-class systems and tools to help its customers to strictly adhere to payroll compliance requirements that span from filing forms which are statutory, tax settlements, support audit processes, and standards.

Reports and analytics

Our payroll analytics tool is customizable to fit a company’s specific needs and it provides secure, web-based access to the labor and workforce data required to make sound business decisions. Our payroll analytics tool provides:

Employee pay/labor distribution details

Joining and separation trends.Loan & recovery statements.Employee turnover and retention information.


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