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IoT Automation

How wonderful it would be if you can control every “Thing” in your life sitting cozily on your couch. This possible convenience can be acquired only through Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. IoT automation has been trending in every sector as it is benefiting incredibly.

What is IoT?

IoT is an approach which makes every connected device to access through the internet.

The IoT automation has been revolutionizing the world gradually by replacing the manually operated activities with automated, especially smart homes acquiring fame. Digital transformation is gaining spotlight in every sector opting to transform the plain buildings into smart buildings. You are under the false assumption if you have been thinking adoption of automation is just for the comfy and luxury purpose. The truth is the application of IoT based home automation is wide: It lowers the energy consumption, enhances the communication between devices, helps to surveillance the environment, monitors the temperature, provides security, automates the activities, and saves human efforts and time. Thus, improves the quality of life.

If you want your environment to automate and perform activities without the interference of human, then step into Rayies Global Solutions. We are leading company in Bangalore who provides IoT Solutions and Service provider to your location. We promise to create a new practice of communication with your “things” and consequently keep you safe and entertained.

Here is the list of sensors we embed in automation services

Lighting sensor

More than convince to switch on and off light automatically smart lights helps to implement energy management policy in IoT Home Automation. The policy could help to minimize the power consumption and helps to achieve maximum energy savings.

Smoke sensors

The sensor in IoT Smart Home detects the smoke and notifies you on your cellphones, to protect your loved ones. The smoke sensor can watch over you around throughout the day.

Motion sensors

The IoT Home Devices comprises motion sensor assists the security system. These sensors application can be used in home, banks, office, and shopping malls to find any intruders at the place in the night or unusual day and time.

Temperature sensors

The temperature is one important key factor to preserve the food and beverage in order to monitor the storage area, temperature sensors are used.

Proximity sensors

The sensor in IoT Home Automation can able to find the presence of objects within the locality without the inclusion of any physical contact.

Pressure sensor

The pressure of the atmosphere in terms of liquid or gas can be converted to an electrical signal in Home Automation using IoT.

Gas sensor

The gas sensor detects the presence of gases in the vicinity often used in kitchens as a part of the safety system.