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Industrial Automation

To increase productivity, quality, safety, and flexibility while to reduce the faults and waste most of the companies have been adopting the automation for their industries. In order to meet the customer demand industries are forced to adopt the computerized system. Industrial Automation accelerates to manufacture the products smarter and faster.

The application of IoT favors controlling the industrial machines from anywhere across the globe. A big industry comprises a lot of big machines to perform manufacturing products in this scenario Building Automation System helps to communicate with other machines in the industry to take a required decision through Artificial Intelligence.

Through survey, it is found that Automation Industries gains higher profit over conventional industries. Automated industries replace the manually operated activities thus helps authorities to operate the machineries easily from remote places without worrying.

A team of Rayies Global Solution is one of the Automation Companies in Bangalore provides innovative automated solutions to your industries. As per your requirement, our experts will design and deploy the system to ease your manufacturing process.

Services under industrial automation

1. Inventory management

The Industrial Automation achieves inventory management through software system to track sales, orders and delivers. Thus, saves the time and cost of the industry and increases the efficiency.

2. Quality control

Automated System measures and checks the manufactured product within a less time accurately.

3. Production flow management

Application of Automation in Industries helps to monitor the production process right from scratch to packaging of products.

4. Industry security

Inclusion of IoT technology allows safeguarding the workers through constant monitoring of the vicinity.

5. Monitor the storage

If it is food products or beverages the storage place must be kept in the particular temperature. Automated Systems monitors the climate through temperature sensors and notifies the concerned authorities.

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