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Home Automation

“Even paradise cannot give that pleasure, the way your home gives”. In this scenario, everyone loves to give a contemporary makeover to their home frequently. Corresponding to that most of the people now are scheduled their home to apply with Home Automation Solutions to convert into a smart home.

IoT Smart Home- A home equipped with IoT technology enables every household appliance to connect each other forming a network, and thus helps to communicate each other through the internet to perform the assigned task by the human.

Rayies Global Solution has the expertise to design and deploy Home Automation Solutions using IoT to control every action performed at your home. Our designing solution encompasses smart door, smart lighting, smart heater, smart smoke detector, smart temperature sensor, smart security locks for your gates, smart camera, smart air conditioner, and smart home theater.

We promise to provide comprehensive Home Automation assistance to your home.

Imagine if you plan to watch movie sitting comfortably at your home, you have to turn on the TV, connect your external hard disk, set to HDMI, select the options, browse the movie you want to watch out of the stack of movies, turn off your room lights, blah blah this consumes a lot of your efforts and thus you might tend to lose interest to watch the movie.

If you had a Home Automation System, all these activities would have performed through a single command. So, what is stopping you? Call us or Visit our Office to select the type of service you want.

Apparently, Home Automation Switches, you to travel contentedly anywhere at any time worrying not about the switching off or on of the appliances. You can monitor your home and keep under surveillance even from the remote places. Also, you can expect lesser power bill which you have not received ever before over the years by implementing Home Automation.

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