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Apartment Automation

Installation of smart home applies well to the independent homes. People who reside in flats do not demand the same amenities as independent home necessitates. Smart Apartment Buildings permits to monitor building’s system. The automation incorporates sensors, controllers, actuators, and network infrastructure for the apartment building and can be monitored and controlled by the application through your cellphones, personal computer, or personal tablets.

We provide you the Smart Apartment Building in three different levels.

1. Automate building system

The automation service comprises the integration of smart electrical and lighting solutions for the purpose of cost saving. For the sensible use of water, smart plumbing services can be arranged from our company and thus saves apartment’s thousands of rupees. IoT enabled smart cameras can be installed at nook and corner of your building, that will notify to your personal devices if it detects abnormal movement in the apartment. Smart lock for apartment building will not allow any trespassers to rush into your apartment and thus avoids any bad incidents such as robbery, kidnapping, molesting, etc.

2. Automate network infrastructure

In order to obtain fast communication between IoT based Home Automation devices and people, obviously, it requires network connectivity. An apartment building can be embedded with Wireless internet connectivity to perform reliable automation activities. IoT Automation is incomplete without sensors a set of sensors as per perquisite of apartment owner will be installed to monitor various cases.

3. Automate building platform

IoT Automated building platforms assist apartment owners to log the details in the cloud. The captured data through the cloud can be used for the future analysis and upgrading of the existing building system.

The smart apartment building will promise to protect your family even when you are not at home. We can provide you with automation services to transform your plain apartment into a smart apartment in a customizable manner.

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