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Web Technologies that will rule in 2019


The latest web development trends have already got traction and have the largest impending for growth.

There is always something new in the tech world and we can’t resist the urge to wait and wonder what innovative technological developments are coming next. Further, these astonishing web development trends are going to set your business to the next level. It is needless to say, how important a website to a company/organization/business/individual is. Regardless of the sector, a well-designed and organized website magnifies your business’s profit. There are few factors if incorporated in the website will transform a good website into a better one.

Have a look at these cutting edge web development trends and frameworks that will make your business an ideal choice for the targeted audience.

• Single Page Applications (SPA’s) – SPA’s with its dynamic actions will fit into every business needs easily. Single Page Applications can be handle without reaching sever. Several numbers of pages can be loaded on within a fraction of seconds. Also, even when the internet connection is not there, SPA’s work efficiently. Angular JS enforces the efficient use of single page applications.

• JavaScript Frameworks – By far JS has been termed as the best scripting language that facilitates designing of prevailing interfaces. Most of the functions and applications that make the Internet indispensable to modern life are coded in some form of JavaScript. Variety of frameworks and updates releasing every day that sometimes it might become tough to keep up with the developments for the developers.

• Intelligent Chatbots – The intelligent chatbots are something that can magically improve your user engagement. In the next few years, Intelligent Chatbots are going to rule the online world. Chatbots aids in the overall facets so as to improve the website traffic. Moreover, chatbots can interact with the user 24/7 and have the ability to interact with multiple people at a time.

• Static Site Generator - “Old is the new” Static sites aren't completely new they were in use before the dynamic Content Management System such as WordPress, Magneto, Drupal etc. Static Site is best in terms of speed and security. Static Website is prebuilt and served without any server code running directly on your site. This incredible feature has led site generator to become increasingly engaging.